Let's grow your business together

As a full-stack engineer with close to 15 years of professional experience and a wide range of skills, I can help you with almost any software project. I've worked on everything from small websites to large enterprise applications. I've built websites, mobile apps, desktop apps, and even a few games!

I charge for my time in hourly blocks, such as a daily or weekly block instead of hourly rates, so that I can maximize productivity through reduced "admin work" and spend more time providing value to you and your projects.

If you're interested in working with me, but the rates below don't fit your budget, please reach out and we can discuss a custom arrangement. For project-based quotes, email me at mike@mikehatter.com with anything I need to know.

  • Daily Rate

    Book me for one full day. This includes roughly 8 hours worth of meetings, design, and development. Perfect for a very small project, or a bunch of updates.


  • Weekly Rate

    The weekly rate includes roughly 40 hours worth of meetings, design, and development. This is the option you'd select for a small to medium website build.


  • Monthly Rate

    160 hours worth of meetings, design, and development will get you a long way. This is the option for you if you have a medium to large project that needs serious attention.


  • Monthly Retainer

    For a small monthly fee, I'll perform up to 5 hours per month of any web design, software development, or website updates you require.